Sellers Estimated Net Proceeds

This form may be used to calculate an estimateof seller's net proceeds after deducting the closing costs involved in selling a home in the Northern Kentucky Greater Cincinnati Area. Actual closing costs and net proceeds will depend on the sale price, type of financing and agreements between seller and buyer at the time of contracting. Remember that while taxes are paid in arrears, insurance is paid in advance and sellers will be credited at closing for any unused insurance premium.

Fill in the blanks below to determine your estimated proceeds. Those fields that appear in Marron rows will be calculated for you. Do not use any non-numeric values such as commas, dollar signs, etc. Use Tab/Shift+Tab to move back and forth between blanks, arrows within. Place cursor and use Del to make changes within blanks. Reset to clear form and start over.

Projected Gross Equity
Sale Price of Property
Less Mortgage Balance
Less Other Encumbrances
(2nd mortgage payoff, liens, etc.)
Total Estimated Equity
Estimated Closing Costs
Document preparation
(Deed Preparation etc.: usually $75 - $95)
Title Insurance
(generally paid by the buyer unless specified in purchase contract; estimate $100 + $2 per thousand of sales price)
Transfer Tax (Revenue) Stamps 
(estimate $1.00 per $1000 of sales price)
Real Estate Taxes
(prorate current year + unpaid portion of previous year, see your county tax bill)
Water and Sanitation
(prorated: estimate $15-25 call or see current bill)
Termite Inspection
(plus treatment/corrective work if necessary)
Record Mortgage release
Home Protection Plan
(home warranty, usually seller paid - optional: $300 - $500)
Corrective Work and/or Allowances
(if any - usually negotiated, often unknown until after home inspection)
Transaction Fee (if any)
FHA, VA or Lender Discount Points by Seller (if any)
Mortgage Pre-payment Penalty (if any)
Unpaid Assessment (if any)
(pre-inspection, underwriting fee on FHA & VA loans, etc.)
Real Estate Commission
(Percentage of the sales price, see listing agreement)
Total Estimated Deductions
Seller's Estimated Proceeds
Total Estimated Equity
Total Estimated Deductions
Seller's Estimated Net Proceeds
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