Our Marketing & Expertise

How and why it works in today's marketplace

Before we get into why our marketing works, it is important to us, that we help you understand the mediums buyers enter the market place through and their behaviors when searching for a home. Once you understand the facts, we hope you see the value in the ways we market your home.

First step taken during the home buying process

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Information sources used in a home search by buyers

Source: Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2010 (National Association of Realtors)

All Buyers
First-time Buyers
Repeat Buyers
Internet 89% 92% 87%
Real Estate Agent 88 88 87
Yard Sign 57 56 57
Open House 45 43 48
Print newspaper advertisement 36 35 36
Home book or magazine 23 23 23
Home Builder 16 13 20
Relocation company 3 2 4
Television 7 8 6
Billboard advertising (buses, benches etc.) 5 6 5

Frequency of use of different information sources

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Eighty-nine percent of home buyers used the Internet as one of the information sources in their home search process. As you can see the Internet and real estate agents have remained the two highest-ranking sources used by buyers, and these numbers have grown exponentially over the last decade.

Pro-Active Marketing and Know-how

Jason and his team have been serving the Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market full-time for over 18 years. Being a third generation REALTOR® Jason has great pride in providing old world customer service with the best of today's technology.

Over 85% of buyers rated: high end photos, virtual tours and descriptive information about the home extremely useful when deciding which home to choose. Below are just a few (but not all) methods we will utilize. We will market your home in the best favorable light showcasing high end photography, virtual tours and descriptive features. See below.

Over 350 Websites

When you list with us, we'll have access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS. This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search Websites. Even better we spend additional money so that your home will be listed as a "Featured Home" no the top 3 sites (Realtor.com, Zillow.com & Trulia.com)

High End Photography

In our business images sell! The age old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been more true with the invention of the internet. We have invested in over six thousand dollars in high end cameras and video equipment. Additionally we utilized special techniques in adjusting the hue, color saturation and composition to ensure your home looks incredible when distributed through out the media.

The Best Virtual Tours

We have spent endless hours learning and perfecting specialized photo skills in order to provide the best tours on the market. Some of the areas finest home builders have taken an eye to his tours and now showcase them on their websites. Features include: No limit to the number of photos or rooms; All images are optimized for peek performance on the end users machine, users can look (by clicking and dragging) 360x360 degrees, zoom in and out and or double clicking to go into full screen mode (perspective mode). Demo Here

Brochures & Flyers

Buyers will have a great experience going though your home! On average, most home buyers will see 15 houses before they make the decision to buy. After a long day of looking at various homes it's often hard for a buyer to remember all the amenities and features contained within each home. With our professionally designed & printed brochures, buyers will have a packet they can take home to internalize all of the features and amenities of your home.

Information Systems

Year after year the biggest complaint we hear about real estate agents is their inability to communicate with the sellers effectively after the listing agreement has been signed. Jason has developed a system which provides detailed market analysis and showing feedback in an easy to understand format. As feedback is received by a showing agent you are immediately notified and given a response in real time that will graph out the response of all showings, thus giving you a visual representation of what the market thinks about your home. Best of all as the market changes with new sales and active listings you will be in the "know" with what is going on around your home. In this business knowledge is power and we provide that knowledge.

It is in our best interest that we do not publish all of our award winning techniques and secrets to our marketing on this forum. We will assure you that we reach far more potential buyers through our efforts than your typical real estate professional. Jason will detail this information as part of his listing presentation and we will be happy to share a more customized approach should you want to interview us for the job.